Time Away: The beauty of a vacation

As some of you may have noticed, I didn’t post last week. That’s because I was on vacation. I felt bad at first, not posting when I strictly wrote on my page that I would post every Friday (or Saturday) but then I realized something,in a sort of insightful “aha” moment type way,  I could use this. You see, I feel that, as with everything in life, taking a break is necessary in order to continue doing things not only effectively, but passionately. When we work ourselves to the bone, and overwork ourselves, we lose not only efficiency, but desire and love along with it.

I admit that these past few weeks, what with midterms, finals, and papers, I dreaded the time I was “wasting” trying to post something, not wanting to make the extra effort to keep a commitment that I made to myself and to you. There were times, as of late, that I desperately did want to shut down this blog because “it was too much for me”, “I didn’t have enough time”, “or I just didn’t want to do it”. And that, my friends, is why taking a break is important every now and again.

The week following my lack of a post, I realized something, I realized that I couldn’t help but feel excited every time I thought about getting back to this blog and sharing my experiences and insights. I knew what I wanted to talk about and, while the post may be short this week, I was excited again to say my piece, I was excited to write. And that fact alone was enough to make me realize just how important a vacation is, whether it be from work, in which case a standard vacation would work, school, in which vacations are given (although with “over the break assignments” there really is no more vacation in school), or perhaps even the social stresses of everyday life, where a “weekend long getaway” would seem applicable. Unfortunately for me, due to the approaching finals week and the “love” that my professors all have for me, I was swamped with homework, focusing on that while I was supposed to be enjoying the time away. But the trip was not a failure because I got to spend the time with people I love, taking a break from writing and ultimately gaining my passion back for this beloved subject.

All in all the trip was successful in getting me out of my natural rhythm of school, work, write, rinse, repeat, and that in itself is a beauty of it’s own.

So now I challenge you, you who are overworked, you who are tired of routine, you who seek desperately to escape the mundane repetitive schedule of everyday living, to take a break, step away from the computer, textbook, or cell phone and experience a break from it all, because then, and only then, will you be able to realize just how passionate you are, and why you started doing it in the first place.



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