The Unknown


This past week I gave my workplace my two weeks notice, meaning that I will be leaving a job that I have been employed at for the past five years. This was not without a plan however as I had, weeks earlier, accepted a new job at my school. This new work does not start until the end of January, giving me just enough time to make all the necessary arrangements.

As you could imagine, making this move was not an easy decision for me, after all I was known at this old job, somewhat respected, it was comfortable for me and changing would mean leaving all the friends I’ve made over the years and going into a place full of new faces and possible ways to mess up. The thought frightened me because not only is leaving the familiar scary but entering into the unfamiliar is arguably even scarier. So here I am with this decision, do I stay at this job which, while I enjoyed it very much, there was little room for gaining the experience needed for me to become a teacher (no offense previous workplace), or do I enter into the unfamiliar, which offers opportunities for growth and experience in my particular area of education?

I did what I normally do when making big decisions (i.e. I asked those closest to me for advice, prayed, made a pro/con list, and a plethora of other things), but what I realized was that it really came down two things. 1) I wasn’t afraid of going in to a new place, or even leaving my friends in my previous workplace, I was afraid of 2) leaving the known for the unknown.

But then I realized something, if I were to stay in the known, in what’s comfortable, my whole life, there would never be any room for growth or improvement. If I were to stay in the familiar, the unfamiliar would stay just that “unfamiliar”. It may be difficult to step out of our comfort zone, especially if what we are stepping into is completely uncertain, but without risk there is little to no growth.

As I mentioned before I decided to go forward with my plan, meaning give my two weeks notice, and move on into the unknown, leaving behind the familiar and the comfortable. Whether this decision ends up helping me or harming me, I know that I stepped out and took a risk and, in the end, that is more than enough growth for me.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this! Be safe and remember to always respond!

-Always responding, Blake Lonero

P.S. I will not be posting next Friday because I will be on #Vacation!!


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