Finding Inspiration in the Uninspired

As I’m sitting here in very empty the student union at my school, waiting for my shift to start, listening to a some song I’ve only heard once and the rambling of the homeless man next to me, I realized that, as far as inspiration for blog posts go, I’m strictly out of ideas. I’ve written about how being sad is perfectly fine, as long as it doesn’t lead to depression, I’ve written about bullying, eating disorders, posted short stories of mine, asked for your responses, poured my heart and soul into this blog and to be honest, today I’m simply out of ideas. Sometimes creativity get’s lost on those who’ve grasped it for too long.

However, I did realize something in this eternal void of inspiration-less darkness. There is a subject. There is something in the mutterings of the homeless man, of the Lana Del-Rey song that’s now playing. There’s a story in the emptiness of the Student Union. There’s always a story, we just have to find it.

And isn’t there beauty in a story, telling you just how something got the way it is.

For example, there’s a specific scene in my first manuscript where the characters are looking over a dead drug addict. The protagonist states that there’s nothing to be seen and suggests they both leave. The other character however says that there is so much there, so much story, so much potential. He continues to explain that this man they’re standing over didn’t just wake up one day to be addicted, that it was a slow process, full of compromise and fear. That we all compromise, we all go through the process of change, a little at a time, and that we don’t ever just wake up and suddenly become lawyers or doctors, teachers or perfect students, it takes time and dedication.

You see, to me, there was inspiration in the fictional character of the broken drug addict, to me there is inspiration now in the homeless man who is still talking into his hand. There is inspiration everywhere (I mean, I found a topic while lacking inspiration) and I urge you to seek it, to find the creativeness in everything, to find the story everyone is so desperately trying to tell you.

And if you look, if you try hard enough you may just find what you’re looking for in yourself as well. We all have stories, how we got here, where we will go from here, and those stories bring us inspiration, those stories allow us to communicate what we’re feeling with one another, to relate to each other.

So I ask you now. What do you find inspiration in? Where have you found a story? Was it in the solemn face of a child that has seen too much for his age? Was there a story in the cracks and wrinkles of the old woman’s face? Or was it in the words of a desperate student just wanting people to hear the words he has to say?


Thank you, I hope you have an amazing weekend and remember to

Always Respond.

-blake lonero


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