Finals Study Tips!

Hello Responders!

So due to the fact that today is literally in the middle of finals week for me (like, literally. I had two already and there are two more to go) and because my finals this semester are all consecutive (seriously, like it’s one right after the other), I am going to focus my post today on more practical tips/tricks to staying alive during finals week.

This past semester I’ve taken a Human Learning and Memory class, meaning that I have quite literally taken a class on how to remember things (not to mention my life is dedicated to learning about the human mind), so you could say I’ve gathered a few tips over the semester.

Anyway, onto the list!

First: Get sleep the night before!

Memory gets better as we sleep, so pulling an all nighter before the exam, no matter how tempting it may be, can actually hinder your ability to remember things!

Second: While you’re studying, stay focused!

When your attention is divided, you don’t encode (or commit information to memory) as well as when your attention is focused solely on one thing. Multitasking is not a thing. So basically, turn your phone off, stop the snacking, and music gets paused. You can always listen to Beyoncé during your summer break!

Third: Eat something the morning of the Final!

I don’t care if you never eat breakfast and neither does your brain. If you don’t eat something the day before your attention while taking the test will be split between focusing on food and focusing on the test and, using what we talked about earlier, split attention is not a good thing, especially when referring to testing.

Fourth: Get to class on time!

When you’re late to class, your heartbeat accelerates, causing blood to pump faster throughout your body. When we are in that accelerated state, we tend to make unwise choices, like going with your “instinct” on an exam rather than thinking the problem through. Getting there on time, or early, will prevent you from walking in late and getting that “rushed” feeling.

Fifth and finally: Use Practical ways to study!

When you process information in a practical way, you remember it better because it is committed to memory. If you are simply memorizing the professors (or teachers) definition of the concept, when it get’s to the test, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to remember what s/he said than what you came up with as the definition. There is a vide variety of practical studying techniques you can use, ranging from examining your best friend for your biology class to writing a blog post for your memory class!


Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this. I hope it proves helpful for those of you who are still taking finals. If you liked it and/or want me to do another one of these “helpful tips”, let me know in the comments below!

I hope you all have an amazing weekend and remember to Always Respond!

-blake lonero

P.S. I will NOT be posting next week! I hope you all enjoy the start of your summer break!


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