Reflections on the Orlando Shooting


With the recent tragic event that has plagued our nation, I find myself compelled to write about my thoughts and feelings toward not only the event itself, but of the varying responses following the incident.

I will begin by expressing my deepest sympathy and condolences with those who have lost someone close to them. The loss of a loved one feels unbearable and is not a feeling one should experience. Pain such as this is not meant to be felt by humans, especially not humans isolated. My thoughts and prayers go to you.

Now to those who have taken it upon themselves to respond to this event with hateful words, to you who say that the crime was justified, for you who refused to grieve over the victims because of their sexual orientation and then hide behind the veil of religion, for you who preach love above all, but cannot practice it when it is needed most, words cannot describe the disappointment and contempt that is felt toward you as we begin our healing process.

Too many families were torn apart this past week, too many lives taken, cut short. Too many mothers mourning the deaths of their children and too many unopened fathers day cards, because it is all the parents have left of their sweet, young babies. Too many funerals. Too many caskets.

So this Fathers day, hug your dad a little tighter. Fathers, tuck your child in a little longer. Stretch your conversations a little further, and, perhaps most importantly, love your family because there are 49 families that no longer have that privilege.


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