Taboo: Part 3-Them

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Thank you so much for those of you who have followed this series from the beginning. Without further adieu I give you, Taboo: Part 3-Them


Taboo: Part3-THEM

We had a son first. He was the light of our life, our everything, the center of our world.

When we decided we wanted another child, neither of us were prepared for the miscarriage that followed. The doctor told us that having another child would be difficult, but we tried. And we tried. And we tried to no avail. It seemed that the world didn’t want us to have another child. So our baby boy was still the light of our life, the beautiful little miracle that shouldn’t have happened.

The thoughts of having a brother or sister to grow up with invaded our minds, the guilt of not being able to give that to him causing us to cry ourselves to sleep night after night. We knew we had to do something, and the answer came to us in an advertisement.


She came to us when he was starting high school and, upon their first meeting, we both knew they would get along just fine. They seemed to enjoy each other’s company and the thought of him having a sister just blew him away. We could tell it was the right idea.

Unfortunately she had moved around a lot when she was younger, going from house to unfit house, waiting for a family to love her as much as we would.

We took her in after much deliberation and help from our son. He said he wanted her around and thought that she would be a wonderful addition to the family, a statement that we could not ignore. This opportunity wouldn’t come around again, so we jumped on it.

After a long process, she was officially a part of our family.

Our children got along so well. When she was upset and we couldn’t help her, he would comfort her like an amazing older brother. When he was bothered by someone at school, she would be right there at his side, telling him how great of a person he is. The chemistry between the two was unavoidable.

How ignorant we were and blinded by our love for them that we didn’t see what was really happening.

It was their Junior Prom. He had a date, someone that we loved so dearly, and she went by herself. We took pictures and saw them leave with their friends in the rented limo. It was almost a perfect night.

We went out to a fancy dinner because if they were going to have a nice night, so were we.

Lamb chops sizzled with garlic. That was the taste that was in my mouth when we got home. That was the taste in my mouth when we noticed someone was home, our children probably. Lamb chops sizzled with garlic, that taste of garlic, remained on my tongue when we talked in on them, kissing. We thought he was with his date at first, having an after-prom party. But we soon realized what was happening. They couldn’t be doing that. They could be involved like that.

They were brother and sister, they couldn’t be in love.

I never was able to taste garlic without being taken back to that moment.

We were shocked. We ripped them apart and sent them to their rooms while we decided what to do.

We didn’t know it would be like this. Would we have changed our minds about adoption? They were practically related, being with each other since Junior High. They went on vacation together, they shared a bathroom for years. When did this start, but more importantly, where did we go wrong?

There was nothing else we could do. We had to report the incident and, when we did, they insisted that she be taken away. When we tried to plead with them, to have her stay here, they said that it was a toxic environment. They said we were bad parents. That we had failed.

What were we supposed to do?

They took her away and moved her to a home a few towns down from us so that she could stay in the same school.

We tried explaining to our son that we didn’t want her to go away, but he wouldn’t listen. He accused us of taking away their opportunity at love.

We tried confronting him again and again, but he wouldn’t listen. It wasn’t our fault that they took her away, but he just wanted to blame us.

And then it happened.

That night we decided to try to talk to him one more time. He didn’t want to listen, despite our attempts at reaching him. There was no escape from the darkness that had become his scarred heart.

It all happened so fast.

The flames began t lick the ceiling and something had fallen on top of us.

We were trapped, all three of us, and there was nothing we could do. That is until she showed up.

We thought that she would save us, after everything we’ve done for her. After making her a part of our family, we thought that she would have tried to save us. All she did though was look at us. She looked at us and saved him from the wreckage.

I cried out for her to come back, to save us, to save her parents, but she did nothing more than hesitate for a short second.

The last thing I remember thinking before passing out was, “After all we’ve done, did we really deserve this?”


So there it is, the story in all three parts from all three perspectives. Did you like this? What would you do differently? Like and subscribe for more!

Thank you again, be safe and remember to Always Respond!

-blake lonero


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