Miranda’s Friend: A Halloween Short Story

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic evening. In preparation for the impending Halloween celebrations, I thought I would share a spooky short-short story with you all.

Thank you all again and I present to you, Miranda’s Friend:


Miranda’s Friend

Miranda looked in the mirror, but the person staring back at her was not her reflection. It was not as if she didn’t know this person. Hollow eyes, skin as black as coal, the gaping mouth filled with rotting teeth, her name, as it usually escaped Miranda, was etched as scars into her forehead, but her stringy, dark hair usually covered it. They were friends at one point that term being used very loosely.

No one knew about her, Miranda’s friend. She was Miranda’s little secret and it was going to stay that way. If she told anyone, they would just laugh at her, call her names. They wouldn’t take Miranda seriously. They’d just call her crazy, as they did before. They’d try to lock her up, to keep her quiet. They’d tell Miranda not to worry about her friend because, as they said, “she’d just go away in time”. But Miranda knew better, Miranda knew that, no matter how hard she tried, her friend would always be there to follow her around in the middle of the night, she would always be there to stare at her in the mirror with those cold, dead eyes. The eyes of ice staring straight into her soul tempting her to do the unthinkable. Tempting her to take the leap into death itself.

Now she stood, staring at her friend in the mirror, looking into the same empty gaze, the same mouth which taunts her. Miranda puts her hand up to the mirror and her friend does the same. They are similar souls tied together. Miranda lowers her head, considering her friend’s wishes for the third time that day.

Her friend smiled a sickly, twisted smile as she parted her stringy hair just enough for someone to read her name. It was a simple name, but Miranda knew it all too well: Depression.


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