Response to April Takeover

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for commenting on last weeks post! It was super interesting to see everyones words and center a story around all of them! So thank you for challenging me!

Here are the words that were submitted!














It was so fun incorporating these words into a comprehensible narrative. I hope you enjoy!


Early Thanksgiving

I ride up to the house and immediately know something is wrong. Maybe “wrong” was the incorrect word, however something was disturbing the quotidian peace, this much I knew.

The door opens before I reach the top step and my aunt Louise is inviting me into my own home, “Hi lovebug,” her annoying nickname for everyone but her own son, “do you remember me?” I am completely nonplussed and therefore don’t respond however I do remember her.

“Hey aunt Louise, is everything okay? Did someone get hurt?” The real question was “why are you here?” but I didn’t want to ask that just yet.

She seems confused for a second, just enough time for me to look behind her at the kitchen where a feast is still being prepared.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about Thanksgiving?” my mom asks as she comes down the stairs, “I told you every day for the past month that we were celebrating it today with family.”

“Of course I didn’t forget mom, I was just being facetious,” I was not being facetious. I really forgot, but I couldn’t let my mom know that.

“Good. I know I raised you better than to forget important dates. Now go upstairs, get out of that haberdashery, and change into decent clothes, the whole family is here.”

The whole family? What a fantastic way to spend my Friday evening.

“Okay, just let me put my bike away,” I say, heading outside.

“You still ride a bicycle? How adorable. I’m trying to get Johnny into riding one but he just doesn’t know how to sit on it properly.”

“Okay aunt Louise,” I say halfheartedly as I head back outside.

As I go around toward the backyard, putting my bike against the side of the house, I hear my brother playing with the cousins that are his age.

“I heard there’s a snortermuffin that lives in the basement,” I heard one of our cousins say.

“That’s not true, they’re extinct!” another one screams.

“Relax gentlemen,” my brother says, “the payment to go down into our basement where a snortermuffin may or may not live is five dollars. Pay me or never find out.” There is a silence so he adds, “oh, I think we forgot to feed him today. Only the bravest kid may enter our basement now.”

I hear murmuring from my cousins and finally one cousin, the one that’s always had the most fortitude, says, “I’ll do it.”

“The charge is ten dollars now,” my brother says. Typical, he’s always been demanding. It runs in my family but must have skipped me. My mom is the same way, extremely fastidious when it comes to family events such as these.

I almost want to walk out into the backyard and tell them that a snortermuffin doesn’t live under our house, but instead I peeked over and saw the cousin pay my brother and watched them both head inside.

I give a chortle and walk back to the front of the house where I hear my uncle Lester talking loudly, as he always does. He’s the family flibbertigibbet and, for some odd reason, everyone loved him for it.

I listen as he gives the punch line to his joke, causing the whole table to erupt into belting laughter.

This was my family, my loud and extremely annoying family, and I was stuck with them. I may be annoyed by their apparent dropping in my life, but, oddly enough, I’m okay with it because I still love them.

My demanding mother, my scheming brother, my loving aunt Louise, my loud uncle Lester.

We all have our own quirks and I love them for exactly that.

I take a deep breath, almost excited to go inside and say hello to those I love.


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Thank you again! Have a safe weekend and remember to Always Respond!

-blake lonero


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