100 Word Short Story

Hello everyone!

I want to start by apologizing to everyone for the lack of posts recently. Starting December 1 things got very hectic at school involving finals and such and therefore I was forced to take time away from writing. Then, after finals week was over, holidays were here and I thought it best to enjoy the time with family. Anyway here I am now and I have a fun little story for you all to get the new year rolling (actually it’s quite sad).

For this story I was tasked with writing a short story (under 100 words) using the words “tail”, “nose”, “cat”, and “handle”.

I hope you enjoy!


She sits patiently in front of the door, staring at the handle, flicking her tail in anticipation.

Every morning Janet, the human, leaves for work at 8:55, claiming that she’s running late, and every evening she comes home at 5:30, exhausted.

Tonight feels different, she should be home.

The door finally opens, but it isn’t Janet coming to greet her.

“Hello, Mittens,” the woman says. It’s Janet’s sister, she’s crying, her nose is running, “Oh something terrible has happened.”

In her hand is a note that reads, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m so sorry. Take care of my cat.”


Thank you all so much! I hope you loved reading it as much as I loved writing it and incorporating all the words into it!

Before I go, I also have a VERY exciting announcement that I will be sharing with you all next Saturday! I think you responders are gonna love it!

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Have a great week everyone and happy 2017!

-blake lonero


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