Hello there! You’ve reached my blog, The Pursuit of Bookishness, where I, Blake, provide stories that can not only give an escape from the mundane, daily life, but I also do it with a smile!

I will be posting on a weekly basis, Fridays or Saturdays (depending on the business of my schedule).

Due to the fact that these are short stories, you wildest likely find typos or inconsistencies in my wiring. If you do, please feel free to point them out via the comments section or a direct message to either one of my social media outlets. Also, due to the fact that these are short stories, I am giving a trigger warning to those who are going suffering from any of the following, as my stories oftentimes (but not always) take a dark path: Depression, Self-Harm, Thoughts of Suicide; If you are sensitive to this as well please feel free to avoid posts with a *Trigger Warning* on them. Thank you very much and I will allow you to use your discretion on what should or should not be read.

You’ll notice that the URL is not “ThePursuitofBookishness” because before this short story blog, the website was called Blake Responds. I thoroughly enjoyed Blake Responds, but I had originally intended a blog to pursue my passion for writing fiction and, somewhere along the line, got lost in responding to world events.

Nevertheless I am more than happy to welcome you to my humble abode, my fortress of solitude, the deepest parts of my mind.

Thank you for visiting and I sincerely hope you enjoy my own Pursuit of Bookishness!

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