100 Word Short Story

Hello everyone!

I want to start by apologizing to everyone for the lack of posts recently. Starting December 1 things got very hectic at school involving finals and such and therefore I was forced to take time away from writing. Then, after finals week was over, holidays were here and I thought it best to enjoy the time with family. Anyway here I am now and I have a fun little story for you all to get the new year rolling (actually it’s quite sad).

For this story I was tasked with writing a short story (under 100 words) using the words “tail”, “nose”, “cat”, and “handle”.

I hope you enjoy!


She sits patiently in front of the door, staring at the handle, flicking her tail in anticipation.

Every morning Janet, the human, leaves for work at 8:55, claiming that she’s running late, and every evening she comes home at 5:30, exhausted.

Tonight feels different, she should be home.

The door finally opens, but it isn’t Janet coming to greet her.

“Hello, Mittens,” the woman says. It’s Janet’s sister, she’s crying, her nose is running, “Oh something terrible has happened.”

In her hand is a note that reads, “I can’t do this anymore. I’m so sorry. Take care of my cat.”


Thank you all so much! I hope you loved reading it as much as I loved writing it and incorporating all the words into it!

Before I go, I also have a VERY exciting announcement that I will be sharing with you all next Saturday! I think you responders are gonna love it!

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Have a great week everyone and happy 2017!

-blake lonero

Nothing But Gentle

I’m walking down the street with my eyes facing down and my head in my new phone. It bought it a few days ago and am still enamored by it’s grace. I can answer a text without having to unlock my phone, the camera is amazing, the music even sounds better than before, if that’s possible.

I’m so obsessed over it that I don’t hear the man on the street asking me for money. It doesn’t matter, he asks the person behind me too. Perhaps I can feel good that, because I didn’t give, the man behind me gave. Yeah, that sounds good.

I keep walking down the street and turn the corner. I don’t really need anything from the store, I just want to look around. Window shopping, really.

Another man is sitting on the sidewalk asking for money and the first thought that comes into my head isn’t one of kindness.

I clutch my phone even tighter to me as I pass, as to not give the man any ideas. I make the mistake of looking into his eyes and, inside them, I can see what was once a face full of hope and love. I pity him for looking like he does now. Nevertheless, this man is not my problem. He got himself into this mess and he needs to get himself out of it.

I keep walking with my head down and my mind in the clouds.

I finally make it to the store and am able to walk around behind the safety of the security guards.

I marvel over the new laptops that just shipped in and gawk at their expensive price tag. I may have just gotten a new item, but I could start saving for a laptop too. I guess there was nothing wrong with the one I had now but you can never deny the power of an upgrade.

I browse for a little longer, ignoring the ringing in my pocket. Whatever it was, it could wait; I was almost done with my rounds.

As I leave the store, I remember my phone. Six missed called from my sister. What could be the issue?

I try to ring her back and she doesn’t answer. My palms gain moisture as the panic rises.

Of course everything is okay. She’s probably just asking about Christmas gifts.

My phone rings again and I couldn’t answer it fast enough.

I ask if everything was okay and, apparently, it wasn’t. My parents had just been killed in a car accident. My world was crashing down around me and all I could focus on was that I had just spent my afternoon in a store full of things I didn’t need.

I shrink to the floor in tears as people pass me by, people on their phones who walk in and out of the store. I look at them in anger, in grief, and wonder when someone will offer to help me up.

No one does.

I take a look around and see the people that I passed by earlier, in the same way people were ignoring me. What I wouldn’t give for a friendly face right now.

I sat there, as the hours passed, weeping into my jacket, when a sound in front of me stops me from crying.

It’s them, standing in front of me, the one’s I ignored. They are smiling, pushing a warm cup of hot chocolate toward me. I am offered a blanket and given respite.

They sit by me and ask me what is wrong and they do not ignore me when I speak. They show love and are nothing but gentle. They pray over me and offer me a place to stay.

I struggle to find words for their kindness and instead am only able to mutter “thank you”. These people that have nothing have given me everything when I needed it most.

I stand up to leave and they ask where I am going. I tell them the truth, that I have a home, but I reassure them that I will be back soon. That I will not forget them, that I will not ignore them any longer.


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-blake lonero

The Presidential Election

Hello everyone,

Today I am going to be taking a break from posting short stories. I want to talk to you all about the United States Presidential election and express my feelings toward it.

I know plenty of you are probably exhausted and no longer want to talk of politics but please hear me out.

I, like many of you probably, were shocked at the outcome of the election on November eighth. Because of al the publicity that Hillary Clinton received, I thought she was going to be the next American president. This was not the case, however.

I have heard of quite a responses regarding the outcome, including protesting and slurs from both sides.

While it is completely rational to peacefully protest I urge everyone to, in the words of our current president, stay unified.

We are one nation and, quoting one of our previous presidents, “a house divided on itself cannot stand”. If we are divided on this issue, which we have every right to be, we will not only cause our country to fall apart, but we will be sabotaging ourselves.

I am not condoning the words/actions of president-elect Donald Trump. I am merely asking you to look inside yourself and see what there is more that we can do at the grassroots level.

Wether you identify as a democrat, a republican, or a third-party, please remember that are stronger together than we are divided.

Thank you so much for reading this. I apologize for not having a story today, but I wanted to get this off my chest.

I hope I didn’t offend anyone. Thank you again, I hope you all have a safe and Fantastic weekend, and remember to Always Respond!

blake lonero

Response to April Takeover

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for commenting on last weeks post! It was super interesting to see everyones words and center a story around all of them! So thank you for challenging me!

Here are the words that were submitted!














It was so fun incorporating these words into a comprehensible narrative. I hope you enjoy!


Early Thanksgiving

I ride up to the house and immediately know something is wrong. Maybe “wrong” was the incorrect word, however something was disturbing the quotidian peace, this much I knew.

The door opens before I reach the top step and my aunt Louise is inviting me into my own home, “Hi lovebug,” her annoying nickname for everyone but her own son, “do you remember me?” I am completely nonplussed and therefore don’t respond however I do remember her.

“Hey aunt Louise, is everything okay? Did someone get hurt?” The real question was “why are you here?” but I didn’t want to ask that just yet.

She seems confused for a second, just enough time for me to look behind her at the kitchen where a feast is still being prepared.

“Don’t tell me you forgot about Thanksgiving?” my mom asks as she comes down the stairs, “I told you every day for the past month that we were celebrating it today with family.”

“Of course I didn’t forget mom, I was just being facetious,” I was not being facetious. I really forgot, but I couldn’t let my mom know that.

“Good. I know I raised you better than to forget important dates. Now go upstairs, get out of that haberdashery, and change into decent clothes, the whole family is here.”

The whole family? What a fantastic way to spend my Friday evening.

“Okay, just let me put my bike away,” I say, heading outside.

“You still ride a bicycle? How adorable. I’m trying to get Johnny into riding one but he just doesn’t know how to sit on it properly.”

“Okay aunt Louise,” I say halfheartedly as I head back outside.

As I go around toward the backyard, putting my bike against the side of the house, I hear my brother playing with the cousins that are his age.

“I heard there’s a snortermuffin that lives in the basement,” I heard one of our cousins say.

“That’s not true, they’re extinct!” another one screams.

“Relax gentlemen,” my brother says, “the payment to go down into our basement where a snortermuffin may or may not live is five dollars. Pay me or never find out.” There is a silence so he adds, “oh, I think we forgot to feed him today. Only the bravest kid may enter our basement now.”

I hear murmuring from my cousins and finally one cousin, the one that’s always had the most fortitude, says, “I’ll do it.”

“The charge is ten dollars now,” my brother says. Typical, he’s always been demanding. It runs in my family but must have skipped me. My mom is the same way, extremely fastidious when it comes to family events such as these.

I almost want to walk out into the backyard and tell them that a snortermuffin doesn’t live under our house, but instead I peeked over and saw the cousin pay my brother and watched them both head inside.

I give a chortle and walk back to the front of the house where I hear my uncle Lester talking loudly, as he always does. He’s the family flibbertigibbet and, for some odd reason, everyone loved him for it.

I listen as he gives the punch line to his joke, causing the whole table to erupt into belting laughter.

This was my family, my loud and extremely annoying family, and I was stuck with them. I may be annoyed by their apparent dropping in my life, but, oddly enough, I’m okay with it because I still love them.

My demanding mother, my scheming brother, my loving aunt Louise, my loud uncle Lester.

We all have our own quirks and I love them for exactly that.

I take a deep breath, almost excited to go inside and say hello to those I love.


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-blake lonero

April Takeover

Hi my name is April and I am taking over the blog for today. I don’t really have anything particular to say, but I saw Blake’s laptop just sitting there and I couldn’t resist. So let’s come up with something fun…. I got it…. here’s a challenge for all of Blake’s readers! Everyone who reads this post needs to comment one word-any word at all! Blake will then take all the comments and incorporate each word into a story. Let’s see how many random words we can get!!! (p.s. he has no idea I’m writing this, but he has to do it because once its on the Internet its official 😉 I hear him coming, time to publish. Thanks for reading!

Happy Halloween!

Hello everyone!

My apologies for not posting on Saturday, however due to the fact that this is a holiday weekend, I thought to take a break and (give you a break). Some people may not believe that this is a holiday but the whole month of October was leading up to this fun fall day and now I want everyone to enjoy it as much as I am.

So thank you for all your support and, again, have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

blake lonero

Miranda’s Friend: A Halloween Short Story

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all having a fantastic evening. In preparation for the impending Halloween celebrations, I thought I would share a spooky short-short story with you all.

Thank you all again and I present to you, Miranda’s Friend:


Miranda’s Friend

Miranda looked in the mirror, but the person staring back at her was not her reflection. It was not as if she didn’t know this person. Hollow eyes, skin as black as coal, the gaping mouth filled with rotting teeth, her name, as it usually escaped Miranda, was etched as scars into her forehead, but her stringy, dark hair usually covered it. They were friends at one point that term being used very loosely.

No one knew about her, Miranda’s friend. She was Miranda’s little secret and it was going to stay that way. If she told anyone, they would just laugh at her, call her names. They wouldn’t take Miranda seriously. They’d just call her crazy, as they did before. They’d try to lock her up, to keep her quiet. They’d tell Miranda not to worry about her friend because, as they said, “she’d just go away in time”. But Miranda knew better, Miranda knew that, no matter how hard she tried, her friend would always be there to follow her around in the middle of the night, she would always be there to stare at her in the mirror with those cold, dead eyes. The eyes of ice staring straight into her soul tempting her to do the unthinkable. Tempting her to take the leap into death itself.

Now she stood, staring at her friend in the mirror, looking into the same empty gaze, the same mouth which taunts her. Miranda puts her hand up to the mirror and her friend does the same. They are similar souls tied together. Miranda lowers her head, considering her friend’s wishes for the third time that day.

Her friend smiled a sickly, twisted smile as she parted her stringy hair just enough for someone to read her name. It was a simple name, but Miranda knew it all too well: Depression.


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